Creating Barrier-Free, Broadband Learning Environments

Final Report

Project Results

Overview of Project Work and Results

The Barrierfree project has provided an exemplary model of an inclusive on-line learning environment that incorporates rich media in such a way that it is accessible to people with disabilities. The project has ingeniously used accessibility tools such as captioning and video description to turn content intended for broadcast over television into highly interactive and personalizable learning content suitable for broadband on-line learning. Thus an on-line learning system is modeled that symbiotically serves both the goal of making content accessible to learners with disabilities and the goal of making content engaging, interactive and individualized for all learners. Unlike other e-learning applications the project does not replicate traditional teaching on-line, the project has demonstrated a unique advantage of on-line learning and a significant reason for the uptake of broadband on-line learning systems.

The Barrierfree project model has guided a number of international interoperability standards and specifications including the following:

All have cited the results of the project and used the project developments to formulate guidelines.

To support this innovative approach to learning the necessary tools have been designed and developed with continuous input from learners and educators. The tools include:

Exemplary content that demonstrates the potential of the learning environment has also been developed.


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